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    Fasting BG of 2021

    7.2 There used to be a 1% motor cycle club nearby & on a big run they'd close off the roads to allow the run to be together without interuption. It was incredibly impressive watching the precision in the lead biker closing off roundabouts & traffic lights & become the tail after all bikes went through. I must admit it was incredibly impressive sitting at the roundabout seeing over 100 Harley Davidsons ride past. Diana , is the President there for a special occasion or to be a Fall Peeper?
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    Fasting BG of 2021

    FunDad - I usually drink a 16oz glass of water and BG drops 30-40 points. Its dehydration that pushes it too high in the morning.
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    Fasting BG of 2021

    A 105 early this morning. groceries and a morning walk--97.


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