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    @joseph Britz - Don't overthink it is great advice. When we did our winter performance, I found I did my best when I was a little tired. Too tired and I would suffer. Go in full of energy, I would think, and bad things would happen. Just a little tired and muscle memory would kick in and pull me through.
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    I write and play, also. Sometimes I'll write and then put it to music...sometimes I'll write while on my keyboard; it helps me sometimes to write and play at the same time. Sometimes the song sounds better on my guitar...sometimes better with keyboard. Depends on the song. My biggest influences are country, The Eagles, Elton John and early Beatles. I would also think that if there's sentient beings elsewhere in the Universe...they play music as well.
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    joseph Britz


    Music, don't over think it.. I write a lot of songs.. "Music".. I have used a technical approach, I have used my heart. I have written the words first & I have built the tune around a "hook" line. After many years I have come to see the deal is to ...enjoy music writing , fool around with notes, play around with words. Write your stuff down, sing a little something into your smart phone. When you have something you like work on it.. Craft it, like a piece of clay or a painting.. If it fights ya, put it down for a while & work on something else. 1/8 notes, quarter notes, flats', sharps , minors, major scales take care of themselves. Record your stuff on your smart phone or whatever you have, listen to it & craft it again or let it rest..Above all have fun... Music is math, but it is also art. Art will win every time.. enjoy your self Fatty.... ps , the photo is of me & my wife , we have been playing & writing together for a very long time.
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    I guess we are here to ramble on, I do the same but music is easy to understand, you hit something and it makes noise! You hit more then one thing now you have separation, and if you do that with a few people far away left and right now you have stereo...


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