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    Life post volcanic eruption

    Reading this article really made me realize the dramatic change that has occurred here on the Big island. I have lived in Hawaii since 1989 and Kilauea was always erupting. The air indeed is much clearer than it has been in years. Particularly in Kona on the Big Island. I ride my bike down here frequently and the changes are indeed dramatic. Many of the spots mentioned, I have visited and have seen things no one will ever see like the hot ponds. There are now new places and landscapes to explore which is also exciting to me. https://www.staradvertiser.com/2019/05/01/hawaii-news/how-kilauea-volcano-forever-transformed-the-landscape-of-lower-puna/?HSA=3b0dbb83c6de4afa472a7496a948e5aff8501bad
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    The marriage of Nicholas Hernandez and Kala Daily

    Thursday, September 27, 2018: For Kala and I the day to leave Hilo has finally arrived. Work and school projects caught up as best as they can be. House as ready as it is going to get. Packed. Documents in hand like birth certificate and Social Security card for the bride, tickets, hotel, and rental car set! We flew out of Kona since we save over $200 for some odd reason. This means a 90 minute drive from Hilo to start the trip. I offer to take Tim and Kala out to dinner before we leave. We go to our first restaurant, get seated, get water, are told the server will be right with us, then get ignored. I declared I would leave if I finish my water and no one serves us. No offer for drinks or anything. I finish my water and we leave. They thank us as we leave! Off to Hilo Burger Joint. We are seated and have drinks in under 2 minutes. Unbeknownst to me, trouble has been brewing on the horizon. Nick's parent's decided today (right before they have to leave too) would be a perfect time to look for Nick's birth certificate and can't find it. Kala is near tears. I then get asked what will we do? My answer is that we still make the trip and you go see Nick and have the best time you can. Sometimes things happen. She is not satisfied with this but soldiers on. We get our dinner and the certificate gets found so all is back on track. The flights are uneventful. We land, get the rental car, get settled in the hotel and have the "in-laws meet" dinner which I will save for another article. The big day arrives and we get down to the courthouse. The pastor is a pro and all goes off without a hitch. Kala and Nick are married and we are all one big family. We then go to the County Line BBQ House which is also another good (short) article. The chapel was nice but I swear someone was cutting onions in the room. I even had a few tears. Here are some pics. San Antonio has a beautiful river going through the downtown area. It is cool (temperature and cool wise) and one can meander for hours exploring shops and other things or take the river taxi. In the area of the chapel, they have the locks on the fence much like Paris used to do. When Dean (Nick's Father) and I saw this we looked at each other and said we needed to find a lock. There was a store that made a killing selling locks to fools like us and we gladly paid. Since getting married is a legal process, there is paperwork to be done. Dean is in the background. He has an article dedicated to him but he doesn't know that yet. Exchanging the rings... You may now kiss the bride... Married... The lock ceremony. After they close the lock, they throw the keys into the river. The city dredges them up daily. In the first picture is my new found Mexican Grandmother (abuela),Nana who will also have an article dedicated to her. And that is it, in the space of one-half an hour my daughter and I are part of the Hernandez family and they are part of ours. Kala then proclaims, "I'm hungry!" and we are off to find the BBQ place the pastor recommended for lunch.


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